AR-15 DROP-IN AUTOSEARS By James H. Jeffries, III A Californian recently called a knowledgeable acquaintance of mine inquiring about an unsolicited handbill the Californian had. The Drop In Auto Sear (DIAS) is a device that is adds an auto sear to an. We have gotten a number of requests for information about the I would like plans to fabricate one. Drop in Auto Sear ( DIAS ) for AR-15 rifles F.AQ. A Drop In Auto Sear (DIAS) or RDIAS is a device that adds an auto sear to an otherwise semi-autom.

L ~1.240~ “‘O~ L,,, L_645~-r-o I–’rDl!.lr IP”HR ~r ~I”I:!ilrt’p-in II!IItti”"~C:llr 111″;::’ ” IPl’Ig’~t:.’ Spotlighting the BEST weaponry online!. Legal Side. for volume 1 issue 12 Pre-81 AR-15 Drop-in Auto Sears. AR-15 Registered Drop in Auto Sear for sale in category Guns > Rifles > Class 3 > Class 3 Any Other Weapon offered by Dale C: SWD Registered drop in Auto-Sear for AR-15 Type ri. Saw a ad in the current shotgun news for a drop in AR15 auto safety sear. Download file name: AR-15 Drop In Auto Sear Blueprints This PDF contains all of the blueprints necessary to construct an AR-15 Drop.
Where can I get the plans

The Drop in Auto Sear Conversion for the AR-15
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